Company headquarter Athesia Druck Bozen
A down-to-earth, international partner that knows how to maintain customer loyalty.

International standards - just around the corner

While many would like to have the technical opportunities offered by a large company, others prefer personal service. Our customers have both.

Reliability and a down-to-earth approach are the underlying values of our work, which are in turn reflected in the way we deal with our customers, with many of whom we have enjoyed a successful working relationship based on trust for years. As a solid, fair employer for hundreds of people, our locations around North and South Tyrol keep us firmly attached to our roots, yet without letting international competition out of sight. Athesia's broad ranging network offers all-round opportunities and at the same time we are able to attend to our customers personally at our historic printing company Ferrari-Auer Druck, in the heart of Bolzano. It is perhaps this combination that makes the services offered by Athesia Druck and Ferrari-Auer Druck so special.

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