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Full of pride: the trio of experts of the Athesia printing company: Benjamin Rauch (second from the left), Irene Iachemet (middle), and Harald Ambach (second from the right) as Katharina Müller (left), Sales Manager of Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund, and Florian Kohler, Executive Manager of the Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund, surprised them with the Natural Paper Printer Award in the category "Corporate Communication"

Award for artistry and skill

Athesia printing company dazzles international sector in winning Natural Paper Printer Award for its 2017 South Tyrol Agenda

Typography Athesia is among the best natural paper printers in the German-language regions of Europe. At this year's Natural Paper Printer Award ceremony, sponsored by the Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund rag-paper factory (Bavaria), this South Tyrolean printing company won first prize in the category "Corporate Communication."

Natural paper is a material that can be difficult to process, demanding printing skills beyond what is considered "normal". Nevertheless, it is highly prized in the print sector. That's because it often has a very noble look and – even if not refined – elegant feel. When you touch these uncoated papers, you are directly touching the fibers. The paper feels alive and natural.

Every year, the best natural paper printers of the German-speaking regions of Europe vie with each other for the prestigious Natural Paper Printer Award, sponsored by Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund on Lake Tegern. All the agencies, printing shops, and packaging companies located in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol, and Switzerland are eligible to enter the competition.

This year, a total of 312 submissions were made for this award. These submissions were critically examined, and 101 works were nominated for awards in a total of five different categories. Athesia Druck had entered its artistically ambitious 2017 South Tyrol Agenda for the prize, and reaped a rich reward in the category "Corporate Communication" by winning first place.

"The 2017 South Tyrol Agenda is characterized by an esthetically very pleasing design, with a lot of loving attention to detail, brilliant colors on natural paper, and perfect workmanship," praised Florian Kohler, owner and president of Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund at the awards presentation in Bavaria. The technical data of Athesia's 2017 South Tyrol Agenda are as follows: Hardcover, thread-stitching, different printing techniques (incl. scent-coating, UV- and 3D-coating, metallic effects, and hot-foil stamping with gold), as well as numerous brilliantly printed illustrations and graphic designs on selected Gmund Colors papers with different surfaces. Harald Ambach (Head of Sales), Benjamin Rauch (Head of Production), and Irene Iachemet (Marketing Director) of the Athesia printing company accepted the award. It was this trio of experts who – together with the Brixmedia advertising agency – developed the idea and concept for the 2017 South Tyrol Agenda.

"It is an honor for us to be counted among the top natural paper printers in the German-speaking regions of Europe," said Harald Ambach in gratitude. "The award is a confirmation of our qualifications, skills, and quality. It was a great challenge to achieve the optimum with respect to the illustrations and finishing techniques. It all wouldn't have been possible without the excellent teamwork on the part of all departments of our printing company – from job preparation to graphics and printing all the way up to further processing." The 2017 South Tyrol Agenda was printed in a limited edition and is available in Athesia bookstores.