Book Athesia Druck
Our network of companies allows book projects to be accomplished in-house, starting from the initial planning and ending with the sale in our stores.

Nothing matches the value of words in print.

From the actual printing to delivery to the book stores, any book project is in good hands at Athesia Druck.

For many years, book production has been one of the core competences of Athesia Druck. This is proved not least by our large, in-house book binding division and publishing facility, which have already realized numerous book projects, thanks to the skill of our personnel and its technical capacity. In addition to all the most popular binding techniques for books and brochures, we also offer numerous types of refined covers such as hardcover, soft-cover and book jackets. Thanks to the large quantities of paper purchased, we are able to obtain reasonable prices, which benefit our clients considerably. On request, we can also offer you many more services in addition to just printing: Our closely connected network with other businessdivisions of the Athesia group allows us to deal with all aspects seamlessly, from the original idea to actual production and sales.