Offset Printer Athesia Druck
We print leaflets in any quantity, using any technique and in any format.

Quick, informative and incredibly versatile at the same time.

From simple flyers to larger company brochures: Every company needs leaflets.

Our competence in this area is reflected in our range of services, which include all popular processing and binding techniques for orders of any size in web- or sheet-fed offset print, as well as all types of packaging such as cellophane wrapping. The number of pages is entirely up to you: Thanks to our 8-colour web-fed offset printing machine, we can also offer highly complex printing projects at an attractive price/quality ratio. Printing projects are realised on our machines using cutting-edge technology to guarantee a high level of precision and lower production costs. Additional services such as the automatic inclusion of printed inserts, rubber coating, addressing and our dispatch service complete the offer.