Druckvorstufe Athesia Druck
The pre-press stage is one of the most important steps towards achieving a perfect result.

Perfection from the very start

As a major pillar in the entire printing process, we dedicate particular attention to the pre-press stage.

If things are not dealt with in a precise, professional manner at the pre-press stage, it may jeopardise the final printing result. In our large pre-press department, highly specialised experts prepare everything needed for the printing - from scanning to preparation of data and digital image processing. The capacity and structure of our pre-press allow even particularly challenging printing assignments to be dealt with directly in-house. It is of crucial importance to handle consistently with profiles and settings in accordance to the ISO printing standards for scanners, display screens, different printers and printing machines. Specialized staff takes care of the colour management at Athesia Druck and Ferrari-Auer Druck. They use cutting-edge technology, such as the MAXTONE raster, which overcomes any limitations in the reproduction of highlight- and lowlight points.